35 million people. 16 million employees.
One railway connection.

Strengthen Economy

The “Main Line for Europe” – artery and economic promoter in East-West traffic…

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Connecting People

A high-speed railroad that provides mobility…

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Driving Europe Forward

An initiative that brings Europe closer together…

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Protecting Environment

A modern rail connection for environmentally friendly mobility…

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Making the Stuttgart rail node fit for the future

Meeting the climate targets set by the federal and state governments requires a greater expansion of public transport. In order to make the Stuttgart rail hub fit for the future beyond 2030, experts believe that further additions are necessary. Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann said in Stuttgart on 15 March…

Deutschlandtakt threatens 40-year delay

Originally, the nationwide implementation of the Deutschlandtakt in Germany was planned for 2030. According to State Secretary Theurer, however, it will take decades before the project is fully completed. He does not see the Deutschlandtakt being fully implemented until 2070. Rather, the project of the century will come “in stages,…

Commission supports Member States in planning sustainable urban mobility

On 8 March, the European Commission adopted a recommendation to help Member States support their cities in reducing transport emissions and improving urban mobility. The 430 major cities along the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) are to be supported in developing their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). The Commission recommends setting…

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